Susie Marcroft lives in Heathcote, a rural village in the Victorian Goldfields. Her art practice is primarily sculptural although she likes to draw, paint and develop new-media works. Situated in post-humanist theories, radical notions of consciousness, and human-animal studies, Susie's work seeks to elicit empathic responses from a viewer. Her conceptual ceramic process explores the 'affective', transformative qualities of an art object. Through her interest in notions of unbound consciousness, she playfully speculates that an art object might be imbued with some affective qualities through the act of making. Her interspecies merges of human and non-human animals arise from the studio simultaneously endearing and repelling. For Susie, there is a moment of conception when her strange little creatures surprisingly 'come to life' ... and so begins her entangled empathy with them. She encourages a 'felt' viewing of the works that might lead to a deeper contemplation of the contradictions that perplex human-animal relationships and our attitudes to all Others.